SPROTT: “This is the Decade for Silver”

Posted by Brittany Stepniak – Monday, March 12th, 2012

According to expert investor Eric Sprott, people are already putting as many dollars into silver investments as they are into gold. The ratio is almost 1:1 according to statistical data regarding public traders’ holdings.

Data released from the U.S. Mint shows that the Mint sold 50-times more sliver coins than gold coins last month alone. This month, the silver coins are selling about 70-times more often than the gold coins.

Observing this type of investor behavior in combination with world events, Sprott thinks the world is about to experience a major silver price-increase due to the laws of supply and demand.

It’s a known fact that the world has plenty more gold to offer than silver. As investors continue to put more and more money into silver holdings, the price will inevitably rise. Interestingly enough, Sprott explains how the paper markets can trade up to a billion ounces a day, when the world can only produce 900 million ounces each year.

Concerning the recent silver corrections, Sprott suggests that the two most extreme corrections in recent months were “orchestrated by the people who are massively short silver.”

Now, more than ever before, people are afraid to leave their money in sitting in banks only to undergo devaluation. Hence, the masses are flooding into gold and silver markets for safe-keeping.

With only so many options to hedge against inflation and protect the value of their hard-earned money, physical demand for precious metals has the potential to double or triple silver prices by year’s end.

If this is all true, how soon should you expect the physical demand for silver to send prices soaring?

Sprot comments: minimum $50 silver and $2000 gold by the end of 2012 or substantialy higher depending on how irresponsible governments are (paraphrased)

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