Don’t Time the Market, Buy Physical Metals Now Before the Door Locks

As we can see from many sources, the BIG PLAYERS have increased their gold and silver purchases lately, while the RETAIL INVESTOR cuts back. This is typical. I hate to say it… RETAIL INVESTORS are DUMB as a BOX OF ROCKS. What has happened is that the public has been put into a trance by MSM that this CHARADE will go on forever. They now believe that the FED and Central Banks can just keep kicking the can down the road until they retire or die.

Some think that the decline in SILVER EAGLE purchases are due to the downturn in the economy and that silver is now in SURPLUS. So, the rational is that silver will fall during a DEFLATION.
While this is true when Gold and Silver are not considered money, it is not true at the end of a FIAT MONETARY SYSTEM.

When I spoke with Harvey Organ on the phone recently, I found it very surprising that we both agreed that the big decline in gold and silver prices in 2008 were not due to DEFLATIONARY FORCES, but rather a complete manipulation and take-down by the FED and Central Governments. So, the reason Silver did not keep heading towards $50 in 2008 was due to a massive take-down. That is why when people say that the PARABOLIC move in silver in the beginning of 2011 was not sustainable… all I can do is LAUGH.

Why? Because the price of silver should already be past that level. It gets so tiresome to listen to the MORONS who should know better. I also can empathize with JIM WILLIE when he stated that he laughed at questions concerning “QE”. I am so tired of the QE debate it is sickening.

Anyhow, for all of those who think SILVER may be in trouble due to the downturn in Silver Eagle sales… Here are some charts to ”SET THINGS STRAIGHT”:

As you can see, RETAIL INVESTORS have bought a heck of a lot less Gold than Silver Eagles. You would think if silver was in jeopardy, than Gold sales would be much higher than silver sales. Here we can see that AMERICANS are still inept when it comes to understanding the value of REAL MONEY.

Don’t take this too harshly…. CANADIAN RETAIL INVESTORS are just as dense as their American Counterparts. If we look at the graph below, we can see that both OFFICIAL GOVT COINS have declined about the same percentage:

I know… some of you are saying it may be a GRAND CONSPIRACY that these sales are down so much. Why couldn’t these organizations be manipulating their figures… some may say?

While that may be true in theory, I have had conversations with several of the top bullion dealers. APMEX told me that their sales were down about the same percentage as the OFFICIAL COIN SALES. Now unless APMEX is part of the grand Conspiracy… then we just have to realize that RETAIL INVESTORS are dumb as a box of rocks.

This is why I believe one day the WHOLE WORLD WILL CHANGE. Sure it will get worse as time goes by and there will be several attempts and bailouts before-hand… but one day the DOOR WILL LOCK and it will be over for the GRAND FACADE.

That is why it is best to buy PHYSICAL NOW and not try to time the market. Because, you may have more FIAT MONEY to buy gold and silver, but it may come at a time when there is NO OFFER for anyone holding FIAT. In the END, the BIG PLAYERS may have beat the public to the punch.


-SRSrocco via Silver Doctors

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