The Price of Precious Metals: Bears and Bulls Shaking the Coconut tree

by Leslie Michael via

Because of the recent swings in the prices of silver and gold, it is important to remember why you have it. This is my opinion and please be aware that my opinion can change if news changes.
The people who own silver and gold are like coconut trees.
The coconuts represent your holdings in precious metals.
And the market, acts like wilds bears and bulls trying to shake your coconuts away from you.
Pay them no mind!
The bull run of precious metals will end one day. But not until the mainstream world wakes up from their beer and football and hockey induced coma. When your next door neighbor finally gets off the lazy boy and heads to the precious metals store to buy silver or gold it’s time to sell sell your metals.
The middle class always gets slaughtered at the end when they come rushing in to buy an investment when it is already too late.
Also don’t fall for false bull runs. David Morgan of the Morgan Report and pointed out that during the last bull run of silver and gold, the price of gold went from $100 to $200 and then it went back to $100. He points out that nobody was interested in gold when it went back down to $100. Yet shortly after, the price of gold went all the way past $800.
You’ve heard me give the evidence in Money Uncensored. The book is coming out shortly for the world to read.
We are in a massive secular bull run of silver and gold. The bear and the bulls will shake your coconut tree. It is up to you to hold to as many coconuts as you can until the final euphoric stage of silver of gold has arrived and it is finally time to sell your precious metals.

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