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The title of this post was inspired by the frustrating conversations I have had with friends and acquaintances on the subjects of politics, energy and the economy. Normally, I keep my BIG TRAP SHUT. As one gets older (and supposedly wiser), you realize that people don’t change. Conservatives will more than likely die as conservatives. The majority of Liberals will also take their liberal philosophy to the grave. Furthermore, those who practice one of the organized flavors of religion will probably be buried by that same variety of church they were lifetime members.

People have been slowly programmed over their lifetime to believe and behave a certain way. Trying to convince someone their ideology is invalid is trying to input software that is not recognized by their own programming. Basically… it spits out the data and does not allow it to compute. A few paragraphs or a page of information is not going to change millions of pages of programming in a person’s mind.

That being said: every once in a great while, even I can’t help myself from following my own wisdom. The majority of conversations I have with friends and local acquaintances are based upon SUPERFICIAL SMALL TALK. Lately though, the conversations have moved to subjects of politics and the economy. I gather the overall situation in the country and the world is become so GRIM, that the public is starting to catch wind.

I was at a local coffee house when one of my acquaintances started to talk to me about Obama and how he was screwing up everything. I live in a very conservative state located in the southwest. One of the pastimes of many of the folks here is to listen to TALK RADIO starting with Glenn Beck, then Rush Limbaugh and finishing up the jam-packed extravaganza with Sean Hannity. After 7-8 hours back to back of this sort of programming, these folks really believe they got the SKINNY on everything they need to know.

It does take a lot of will-power to keep my mouth shut, but this morning this fella starting to go off about all these things I gather he heard on one of those fine upstanding radio talk shows about Obama. Let me clarify my position before going further. I am AGNOSTIC when it comes to politics. I don’t belong to any parties or ideologies. However, I do believe both parties are completely FOS (full of sheet).

This gentlemen was going off about how Obama’s lousy Secret Service men were caught fooling around with some prostitute and how the Obama Health Care Plan was passed and now the USA was nothing more than a SOCIALIST COUNTRY. It was then (out of severe frustration) I took a pen and put a dot on a piece of paper. I said that Dot was the Secret Service Men. I then made another dot next to the first dot and said that was Obama Health Care. I went on a roll and placed dozens of other dots giving each one a label of meaningless subject matter. I then took the pen and drew a huge eight foot imaginary circle around the dots and said this is:

“THOSE DOTS ARE ZITS ON AN ELEPHANTS ARSE…… Why on earth are you concerned about ZITS when you should be worried that the ELEPHANT is getting ready to sit and crush the life out of you?”

I told him the whole Wall Street controlled US Govt… Fiat Money… Derivatives Monster… Peak Oil… Massive Debts were all wrapped up as one big fat elephant A**. I asked him if the elephant was ready to come down on you, why would you be concerned about the ZITS ON THE ELEPHANTS ARSE

He looked at me sort of puzzled. Furthermore, I must have spoken with a little passion as several other people had overheard my diatribe and were looking at me kind of funny. There was one individual who looked me and said, “You’re not one of those DOOM & GLOOMERS are you?” I looked back and responded by saying, “If I had a choice, I’d rather be a well prepared Doom & Gloomer than a flattened pancake that waited until the last minute.” I did hear someone laugh, but I decided to finish my tea and make my exit.

As I drove home, I realized this term would become my new response… whether or not the individual knew what I was talking about or not. It would be my inside joke. When I later told my wife, we both had a good laugh.


The strategy by the folks in charge of the pulling the strings in the GOVT & ECONOMY is to keep the public on focusing on the supposed nasty ZITS, while manipulating the elephant’s bum on a constant basis. If we look at the chart below, we can see how successful this strategy has been when we consider the seemingly magical elevation of the U.S. Retirement Market while at the same time economic indicators disintegrate:

In the third quarter of 2011, the U.S Retirement Market stood at $17 trillion. Within only a half a year, the total U.S. Retirement Market increased 11.1% to $18.9 trillion. This was a wonderful accomplishment by the folks working the dials at the PPT – Plunge Protection Team. However, not all the dials were turned higher. If we look at the following GOLD & SILVER price changes from the same time period:





GOLD AVERAGE PRICE Q3 2011 = $1700.17

GOLD AVERAGE PRICE Q1 2012 = $1690.84




We can see that the PPT’s FLOW OF FUNDS found its way into the U.S. Retirement market while the precious metals declined in net value in comparison.

Fortunately for the precious metals investors, the strategy of keeping the public focused on the superficial blemishes is starting to show cracks as further cases of fraud such as the PFG bankruptcy and the manipulation of the LIBOR become household words. Those who think this will be 2008 all over again fail to comprehend that ALL ASSET CLASSES declined at that time. Here we can see that there is an orchestrated effort to keep the public happy by inflating Retirement Accounts while deflating commodities and precious metals.

Furthermore, if we add up all the FAT on the elephants bum we can see that there is a great deal of DEBT masquerading as WEALTH. If we look at the next graphic, we can see that the total OUTSTANDING US TREASURIES are over $11 trillion:

Lets do some numbers:



TOTAL PAPER PONZI = $30 Trillion

Here is my chart from my article THE COMING PARADIGM SHIFT IN SILVER showing just how lopsided the Paper Ponzi Wealth is compared to precious metals:

As you can see this chart shows the US Retirement Market back when I wrote the article at only $17 trillion. Just look how precious metals compares to US Retirement market. Now, add the total US TREASURY’s outstanding… and you can see oh what a bloody mess we have on our hands.

So… anytime anyone starts to talk about nonsense issues, you can blurt out “ZITS ON AN ELEPHANTS ARSE”.

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