Central Bank Gold-Grab Intensifies Further, Part I

Via Bullion Bulls Canada Posted: 24 Jul 2012 11:25 AM PDT

Precious metals commentators (the legitimate ones) are continually striving to tear away the veils of deceit and propaganda, in order to present the global economy (and the world as a whole) in a realistic manner. This, in turn, is done in order to warn people of the grave financial/economic peril which looms ahead of us; thanks to the unholy alliance of unscrupulous bankers and corrupt politicians (and regulators).

It is a frustrating task. It is a fundamental trait of human psychology that most people expect tomorrow to be just like today. Couple that inherent defect in thinking with history’s greatest propaganda-machine, continually blaring to the masses an endless chorus of “don’t worry, be happy”; and the result is as predictable as it is tragic: hordes of lemmings blissfully marching toward the gaping chasm ahead.

This is why we continually look for opportunities to demonstrate how the actions of the duplicitous bankers are entirely contrary to their words, and thus reinforce the reasoning and analysis of commentators like myself. Recall how the bankers and their minions in the ivory towers of academia have spent nearly a century attempting to brainwash the masses into believing the absurd proposition that gold was/is “a barbarous relic”.

To reinforce this Big Lie, the bankers dumped thousands of tons of gold onto the market – gold that (ironically) was actually owned by these same legions of lemmings – because (amazingly) all of the peoples’ gold has been placed in the custody of this cabal of private bankers, the central banks. It was a strategy doomed to fail; because today they have no more gold to dump, and their Big Lie has been exposed. Now nothing remains except for them to attempt to (quietly) buy back — or simply steal — as much of this gold as possible.

This task is greatly complicated by the fact that Western bankers cannot simply go out and re-purchase large quantities of gold on the open market, for myriad reasons (including the fact that gold-buying by other central banks is already soaring to record levels). To begin with, supplies of actual bullion are very tight. We can deduce this in various ways directly: the sixfold increase in the price of gold, the extremely abrupt end to Western gold-dumping, and the naked hunger which governments such as China and India are demonstrating in finding new supply-sources for gold bullion (i.e. ore that hasn’t even been dug out of the ground yet, let alone refined).

As Forbes Magazine tells us, there are also indirect ways in which we can deduce that actual supplies of bullion are extremely limited, such as the unscrupulous people who sell “paper gold” to Chumps, only for the Chumps to discover that they are holding all “paper” and no “gold”. Where did the intrepid sleuths of Forbes Magazine spot these gold-scammers? Halfway around the world in China.

There are a few preliminary points to make regarding Forbes’ “discovery”. First of all it is incongruous (bordering on outright absurdity) that these same Corporate Media talking-heads have spent literally decades scoffing at even the possibility of bullion-scamming of this nature taking place in New York and London; despite mountains of empirical evidence and even a bona fide whistleblower. Indeed, one of these New York fraud-factories has already been fined once for its own “paper bullion” escapades.

Yet here we have this (supposedly) prestigious New York financial publication pointing an accusatory finger halfway around the world, even though it openly acknowledges that “details are unclear how the scam worked”. Meanwhile, with 25% of Wall Street bankers being openly confessed thieves, the sleuths at Forbes Magazine claim to be totally unable to “see” manipulation and scamming taking place right outside the windows of their own head office – despite a trail of bread-crumbs so obvious that even Inspector Clouseau could get to the bottom of things.

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